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What’s New at Pritikin in 2018

What's New at Pritikin?

The end result of this collaboration is the creation of a number of exciting new programs and lectures launching now. From eye-opening lectures, unique cooking classes and fun activities, 2018 is shaping up to be a year filled with creative and educational measures to help you reach your goals. Our staff is thrilled to see…

Healthy Living Event

Wellness Resort What’s a Healthy Breakfast Cut Belly Fat Boiling Asparagus Side Effects of Statin Drugs Is Saturated Fat Bad Need to Lose 100 lbs How to Make Healthy Pizza Good and Bad Cholesterol Health Benefits of Fish Oil What Does Low HDL Mean How to Read a Nutrition Label Weight Loss Retreat Prevent Cancer…

Who Decides What’s Healthy at a Health Resort?

Who Decides What's Healthy at a Health Resort?

Health resorts have philosophies? They sure do. Each has a general philosophy, or mission, of helping guests achieve better health and wellness. That’s all well and good. But it’s important to ask: Who at the resort is driving that philosophy? And, is everyone on board?

“In just 17 days, I lost 14.5 pounds.”

This Pritikin guest tour was Robert’s idea. He’s so enthusiastic about what Pritikin has done for him that he wants the world to know. “Pritikin is all about getting your mind in order, getting your body in order, and just feeling good about yourself.” If you stay focused, says Robert, “it has to work…. The…

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