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Guide to Healthy Running for Kids

Parents can create interest in running by encouraging their kids to go on runs with them and by making the experience one that is enjoyable. Depending on their age, rewards for running achievements, such as stickers, may help encourage the desire to run. Tracking and reviewing improvements in their running time can also be an…

Do you have an overweight child?

Do you have an overweight child?

Research has shown that children who lose weight are far more successful at keeping the weight off than adults who lose weight. In other words, changes in childhood could well mean lasting change. “That’s why it’s so important to act now if you have a child who is overweight,” counsels Dr. Coral Arvon, Behavioral Health and Wellness Director at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami, Florida.

A Parent’s Guide to Food Allergies

Below are common allergy symptoms in children. It’s not just foods that can trigger these symptoms. Other triggers include irritants like cigarette smoke and perfume; outdoor conditions such as tree pollen, insect stings, and insect bites; and indoor issues like mold, dust mites, and pet hair or fur.

A Kids’ Guide To MyPlate

“One of the biggest gifts we can give our children is a healthy lifestyle,” says Kimberly Gomer, MS, RD, Director of Nutrition at the Pritikin Longevity Center. “And yes, they can actually learn that they like healthy food like fruits and vegetables.”

Healthy Habits for Families

The more preparation you do, the more you reduce the temptation to pick up the phone and dial for greasy, salty take-out just because “there’s nothing else in the house to eat.”

Healthy Bites for Finicky Kids

AARGH! You give your little ones carrots. They want French fries. You offer strawberries. They fuss about the seeds. What to do?! Pritikin dietitian and mother-of-four Kimberly Gomer reveals her own tried-and-true secrets for healthy, tasty food for kids.

Nutrition & Health Resources for Kids

Nutrition and Health for Kids

Unfortunately, children and even some adults associate healthy food items with foods that are distasteful. This, however, isn’t necessarily true. There are plenty of foods that are tasty and nutritious. In addition, courtesy of the Internet and public libraries, people can find healthy ways to prepare these foods in an enticing way. To ensure that…

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