Do you have an overweight child?

If so, we don’t need to dwell on the many challenges your child faces, both now and in the future, from job discrimination to diabetes.

You're already painfully aware. What we can tell you is that now is the time to act. Find out why.

Do you have an overweight child?

"For children, the focus should not be on weight. The focus should be on making healthier choices. That's what we teach at Pritikin," says Kimberly Gomer, MS, RD, Nutrition Director at the Pritikin Longevity Center. "When you start with healthier choices, weight loss naturally follows."

Do you have an overweight child?

It can be heartbreaking. We don’t have to tell you what your child might be up against. The stares. The bullying. The loneliness. The increased risk of serious illnesses. You’re living it, feeling it, right along with your child, every day.

What we can tell you is that now is the time to act, and act boldly.

That’s because research has shown that children who lose weight are far more successful at keeping the weight off than adults who lose weight. That’s right, changes in childhood could well mean lasting change.

Pritikin Family Health Camp

The Typical American Diet Causes Children to Gain Weight

Pizza. Fries. Burgers. They’re EVERYWHERE. Is it any surprise that one in three American kids are overweight or obese? Programs like the Pritikin Family Health Camp help children embrace new ways of eating that are healthy, filling, and delicious.

So this summer, go all out. Give your child the best chance at losing weight and keeping it off. Enroll your child in the nationally renowned Pritikin Family Health Camp.

Since 2002, Pritikin’s Family Camp has been helping children from all over the world shed excess weight and launch healthy new lives. Scientists from UCLA have published the results of the program, and they are stunning.

Within just two weeks, overweight children in the Pritikin Family Health Camp:

  • Decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol 25%
  • Shed 9 pounds
  • Decreased triglycerides (blood fats) 39%
  • Lowered blood pressure 10%
  • Reduced levels of chronic inflammation, like C-reactive protein, 41%

Healthy mind, healthy body

In addition to a healthy body, the Pritikin Family Camp fosters a healthy mind.

“We help children manage the stress in their lives because many do have stress,” says Pritikin psychologist Dr. Coral Arvon. “Instead of burying their pain with food, they learn how to talk about their troubles… and live a happier life. Yes, the benefits are priceless.”

Getting the whole family on board 

There’s more good news. The Pritikin Family Health Camp is not just about children. It’s about the entire family getting healthier. 

That’s so important because when you make healthy living a family affair, you make healthy living a success. Consistently, research has found that children are significantly more likely to live healthier when their parents are living healthier right along with them.

Call the Pritikin Longevity Center today. Make this summer’s family vacation a vacation that launches a whole new life, for all of you.

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