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Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Is acrylamide bad for you?

Is coffee with acrylamide bad for you?

In the United States, fried potato products like French fries and potato chips are the greatest source of acrylamide in many peoples’ diets (38%), followed by crackers, cookies and cakes (17%), bread (14%), snacks such as roasted nuts, and popcorn (14%), cereal products (9%), and lastly, coffee (8%).

Best Foods To Prevent Colon Cancer

List of Foods that Prevent Colon Cancer

In just two weeks, a high-fiber, low-fat diet dramatically reduced biomarkers of colon cancer risk, recently reported scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Imperial College in London.

Breast Cancer Prevention Diet and Lifestyle | 6 Key Tips

Breast Cancer Prevention Diet and Lifestyle Tips

When the actress Angelina Jolie was in the news recently describing her genetic susceptibility to breast cancer, many women got nervous. They’re wondered, “What’s in my DNA?” Ms. Jolie’s family history certainly gave her reason for concern. But for most women, genes play a small role. What’s far more important, science is finding, is how we live. Here are 6 key tips on breast cancer prevention, diet, and healthy lifestyle change from the physicians and other faculty at the Pritikin Longevity Center.

Prevent Cancer Diet and Lifestyle Plan

As many as 39% of common cancers like colon, breast, and prostate cancer could be prevented by improvements in our diet, exercise habits, and weight management, reported an international team of 23 top cancer experts.

Red Meat and Cancer

Eating a lot of red meat, especially processed meat like hot dogs, sausages, and luncheon meats, increases pancreatic cancer risk, concluded a large multiethnic study,* which included African Americans, Latinos, Japanese Americans, Caucasians, and Native Hawaiians.

Preventing Prostate Cancer – Dietary Tips

These findings echo previous research on populations that have linked prostate cancer with high levels of cholesterol in the blood as well as with Western diets high in cholesterol- and saturated fat-rich foods like red meat and full-fat dairy products.

13 Recommendations For Preventing Cancer

Often in the media we hear of new high-tech “cures” for cancer that “show promise.” Unfortunately, there’s usually no strong science yet. It’s just “promise.” What scientists do know, what volumes of studies have confirmed over the past three decades, is that prevention plays a huge role in the fight against cancer.

Prostate Cancer Diet – Research On Plant-Based Diet

After surgery or radiation, many prostate cancer patients take hormonal therapy to hopefully stave off cancer recurrence, but for many men hormone therapy is no easy ride. It often produces side effects like hot flashes, a decrease in sex drive, and weakened bones. That’s why natural alternatives like diet are so important.

Colon Cancer Treatment: Diet Matters

Numerous studies have linked dietary factors, such as high intakes of red meat, with a higher risk of getting colon cancer, but scientists wanted to know: “What about after you’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer? Does what you eat matter? Can a healthier diet keep the cancer from returning?”

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