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Reduce Your Cancer Risk

More Fruit, More Veggies and Less Fat Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk

The American Cancer Society estimates that 22,430 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year; 15,280 will die of it. Adding fiber-rich fruit, vegetables, and whole grains (all foods that are naturally low in fat) and decreasing total fat intake to 20% of calories may protect against ovarian cancer, reports research involving nearly 50,000 women.

Preventing Breast Cancer With Good Food and Fitness

Multiple past studies have found that a healthy diet and regular physical activity each increase survival after breast cancer. But scientists at University of California, San Diego, wanted to know if combining regular exercise with healthy eating would produce even better outcomes. Would the whole be larger than the sum of the parts?

The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Prevent Cancer

In this article you'll learn how to prevent cancer.

It’s easy to get blown about in the gust of the latest “NEWS FLASH” study. One night on TV news, for instance, you might hear that fish is good for you. The next night, another report might roar that food poisons you. Oy vey! Too often, we feel a great Cloud of Confusion engulfing even the simplest of nutrition questions.

Breast Cancer and Weight Gain

In a large study of more than 44,000 women, scientists from the American Cancer Society found that the more weight a woman gained over her adult life, the greater her risk of all types, stages, and grades of breast cancer.

Blood Pressure Drugs and Cancer Risk?

Blood Pressure Drugs and Cancer Risk?

The data are preliminary. This study is not irrefutable proof that ARBs promote cancer. We need stronger data – clinical trials – to determine if the risk is real (not a statistical fluke). But, as Dr. Steven Nissen, cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, stated in an accompanying editorial in the Lancet Oncology, this study is “disturbing and provocative.” It is also one more reason to do everything you can to control your blood pressure, not with pharmaceuticals, but with healthy, side-effect-free diet and exercise.

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