5 Reasons Pritikin is the Best Weight-Loss Center

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So why is that that most people disregard this “rule” when it comes to weight loss? A recent survey conducted at Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa found that we’re more likely to attempt losing weight on our own, versus calling in a team of experts to help us along.

“At the end of the day, our culture doesn’t support healthy eating,” says Kimberly Gomer, MS, RD, LDN, the Director of Nutrition at Pritikin. “Trying to lose weight on your own can feel like you’re chasing your tail.”

However, when guests enter into the Pritikin “cocoon,” as Gomer calls it, they give themselves permission to take time for themselves in a highly supportive environment. That’s when the real transformation, the real results, occur.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, here’s why you should consider visiting the best weight-loss center around.

5 Reasons Pritikin is the Best Weight-Loss Center

Here are the top five reasons you consider Pritikin when it’s time to call in the professionals

1. The Science-Based Nutrition Program Delivers Results for the “Real World”

  • Clear up confusion.

    In today’s diet culture, which is bursting at the seams with diet programs and conflicting information, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. “What has happened with tech and the Internet, namely Google, is that nutrition has become confusing,” Gomer says. “If only I had a dime for everyone who said they’re eating a ton of avocado and not losing weight.”

  • Learn the difference between nutrition facts—and myths.

    Pritikin’s researched-backed program dispels diet misnomers. “The transformative piece about being at Pritikin is seeing and understanding nutrition and weight loss from a logical, rational place, and then experiencing it,” Gomers explains. “You can’t replace that.”

  • Discover how to fit diet into “real” life.

    Although science is important, you also need to consider the reality of daily life, Gomer adds. “There’s no eutopia of eating healthy in our culture. My job is to help people find their sweet spot. You can climb the mountain on your own, or I can give you ropes and support.”

2. The World-Class Medical Team

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your personal physiology.

    At Pritikin, guests are monitored by a team of board-certified physicians and medical specialists. “When people get their blood work analyzed, they have a better understanding of how their body works,” Gomer explains. “When you see your insulin levels are high, for example, you understand how food affects your body beyond how it tastes and why certain people can moderate food better than others.” Or maybe you learn that you’re at risk for osteoporosis and need to make a dietary adjustment.

  • See quantitative improvement and results.

    “After a few days, when you see your labs improve—e.g., your cholesterol or blood pressure has decreased—that’s when real change happens.”

3. The Highly Educated Exercise Physiologists

  • Individualized plans for your goals.

    “The primary mission of our exercise physiologists is to align the guests’ level of ability, commitment and fitness goals to an actionable exercise plan that is safe and effective,” explains Jamie Costello, Pritikin’s Fitness Director. “Evaluation tools using the latest technology, including Functional Movement Assessments, Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max testing, as well as DXA Body Composition and Bone Density screenings, are available to help identify key benchmarks for developing individual exercise plans with realistic expectations and progressions.

  • Expand your perspective on fitness.

    The exercise team at Pritikin don’t just “prescribe” a fitness regimen, they change the way guests view exercise as a whole. “Some people come to Pritikin and find out they are over-exercising, while others are trying to get back into exercise,” Gomer remarks. “Regardless, they learn that exercise is more about bettering physical and mental health—and making you feel wonderful—than weight loss.”

  • Learn a new way of measuring weight loss.

    Guests are educated about body composition, and why the scale is not always a good measure of fat loss.

4. The Lifestyle Program: Addressing a Missing Piece of the Weight-Loss Puzzle

  • Up the ante on your self-care.

    “We deal with high-functioning, successful people at Pritikin,” Gomer says. “These people are driven, but many times they don’t take care of themselves.” And when you don’t learn to nurture your emotional health, that snowballs into your physical health. “If you’re feeling emotionally deprived, stressed or exhausted, you’re going to use calorie-dense food to soothe because your brain releases dopamine when you eat salt, sugar and fat.”

  • Get strategies for social situations.

    “Every time you get together with people, it’s around food and drink,” Gomer says. “The biggest hurdle is how to to stay social without the bad food. I encourage people to have a plan around food to make it work.”

  • Retrain your brain.

    “It’s hard to break away from your habits. If your brain is trained to get home and snack on the sofa,” Gomer says, “ you’re going to be very resistant to stopping.” Pritikin offers numerous lectures on how to break bad habits and rewire your brain to establish healthy, supportive routines.

5. At-Home Support Translates to Long-Term Success

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