How One Bad Meal Affects Your Body

A cheeseburger. Fries. Coke. Cookies. Or maybe a Philly sub did you in. Find out how one bad meal affects your body. Research is finding that some results are immediate, and they’re not pretty.

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Learn how one bad meal affects your body.

In 15 minutes, it’s all over. Every bit of sugar, salt, and fat in that one bad meal is gone. All that’s left are the greasy wrappings. If only that were true…

Can One Bad Meal Affect Your Body?

Unfortunately, yes, and in ugly ways. In the two articles below, learn how one bad meal affects your body. Bottom line: We feel like sludge because, well, we’ve become sludge within.

And the repercussions aren’t just a temporary case of “food coma.”

One bad meal, one after the other, can easily lead to the most common deadly diseases of our time: heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and many common cancers.

One Fatty Meal & One Sugary Drink

One Fatty Meal

Find out how one fatty meal plays havoc with our HDL “good” cholesterol. And learn about new types of “bad” cholesterol that science is now discovering.
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One Sugary Drink

Learn the latest research on sugary drinks. The damage from just one extra sugary drink a day is huge. But so are the benefits from one less drink. Find out.
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Important | What To Do After One Bad Meal

It’s time to dust off the cookie crumbs and start over. The really good news is that you can actually lose, or certainly diminish, those insidious cravings for fatty, sugary, salty foods. For the last 40 years, it’s been happening at the renowned Pritikin health resort. The result is not only a healthier life, it’s a happier one.

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