Complete Exercise Plan For Beginners

Not sure where to begin when it comes to setting up an exercise program? Read this complete exercise plan for beginners. It has tips and wellness resources for weight loss, toning, muscle building, pregnant women, seniors, and more.

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A Complete Weight Loss Exercise Guide to Maintain a Healthy Body

Many people report an increase in self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being when they lose weight. A sense of accomplishment follows them as they continue to make strides in changing their lifestyle.

Fad diets and false promises of quick weight loss generally lead to failure. These quick fixes do not encourage sustainable changes found in a healthy diet and regular exercise. Keeping the weight off requires effort and commitment, which requires getting off the couch and starting to move. This applies to everyone, including men, women (pregnant or not), children, and seniors.

While healthy eating is extraordinarily important for long-term weight control, this article focuses on the other thing that is very important – regular exercise.  Below is information on a complete exercise plan for beginners, and includes links to multiple wellness resources.

Exercises for Weight Loss

Weight loss does not happen overnight. It takes a great deal of dedication to lose weight, usually by changing eating habits and exercising regularly. This two-step approach to weight loss may not produce the miraculous effects found in a “magic pill,” but it does guarantee long-lasting results. The dietary changes restrict calorie intake while exercising boosts the body’s metabolic rate. When used in combination, a calorie-burning effect occurs that leads to weight loss. In general, every exercise routine burns calories; however, aerobic exercises tend to produce the best results.

Exercises for Weight Maintenance

Weight maintenance poses the greatest challenge of the weight-loss journey. Many people accomplish their desired weight and then slip back into their old routines. Some may continue to exercise, but fall back into eating unhealthy foods. Others may continue to eat healthy, but neglect to exercise regularly. Weight maintenance requires commitment to live an all-around healthy lifestyle. While this can be a continuous struggle, it only requires sticking to the same game plan that led to the initial accomplishment. In other words, stick with what works and it will bring steady results. The best exercises for weight maintenance include moderately intense physical activities, such as swimming, biking, running, and walking.

Exercises for Toning

Many people want to take their weight loss and maintenance program further by transforming their body with toning exercises. Toning exercises aim to increase muscle definition and shape while continuing to lower body fat. People incorporate a variety of exercises to tone muscle groups, including cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Optimum nutrition also plays a role in toning muscle. Popular muscle groups targeted for toning include arms, legs, thighs, glutes, abs, and calves.

Exercises for Muscle Building

Many people may move beyond toning a lean body to building mass. Muscle building incorporates resistance training to build strength. People may use their own body weight or equipment to achieve the desired results. Optimal nutrition also plays a role in building muscle.

Exercises for Pregnant Women

Most people cringe at the thought of pregnant women exercising. The myth that exercising will hurt the baby does not hold true. In fact, pregnant women can benefit from exercising in many ways. It helps build strength, flexibility, and weight maintenance. It also helps to prepare for the labor of giving birth. Pregnant women should consult a qualified health professional before starting any exercise program to avoid incurring injuries.

Exercises for Seniors

Seniors no longer have an excuse to remain sedentary. Seniors can do moderately intense exercises to keep themselves in optimal shape. Many play volleyball, golf, and bowl. Others run, walk, and swim in their off time. In addition, chair-bound seniors can still exercise to keep themselves healthy. It is recommended to seek the advice of a qualified health professional before beginning an exercise program.

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