Inspirational Weight Loss Quotes and Motivational Tips

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Motivational Tips

Utilizing these motivational tips can lead to a lifestyle change, and not just a quick diet change. Continuing to stick to your program can result in having a happier, healthier life.

Top 100 Inspirational Quotes

If and when you are ever feeling down, check out some of these inspirational quotes to help your commitment to your goal!

Read Success Stories

Read about other people who have gained success in the past and learn some of their secrets.

Set Weight Loss Goals

Starting with a reasonable, manageable goal will lead you to reach it. This should not only be weight-oriented but also activity-oriented (for example, exercising three times a week or cutting out French fries by a certain date).

Remove Top Offenders

Step one of this guide includes removing the “old paint”, which involves first getting rid of the really bad foods (like bacon, whole milk, ice cream or potato chips). It is important not only to keep them out of your kitchen, but also to not buy them in the first place. You can remove the temptation and stick to your plan that way.

Slow Down Your Pace

There is a difference between hunger and satiety, which is your ability to feel full. Often times Americans on the go eat too fast, and the brain does not have enough time to react to tell you to slow down. This causes over-eating. Take your time!

Use Incentives

This article is evidence that motivation is key to weight-loss, and that setting incentives around goals is a key part of keeping motivated.

Manage Portions – The Healthy Eating Plate

Keep in mind the amount the portions of each type of food on your plate. As a general rule, healthy protein portions usually are the size of a deck of cards, and vegetables should take up the majority of the plate.

Soft Drink, Hard Consequences

It is important to cut out sugary drinks like soda from your diet, as the best measures to change one’s diet via food can be thwarted by a soda habit. Water is the best drink of choice. Reading labels and being choosy about juices is also important.

Color Theory and Food

Often times people who are committed to losing weight paint their kitchens blue, buy blue plates or get blue tablecloths. This is because blue is a naturally tranquil color and can cause the body to produce calming chemicals. Very few foods are naturally blue, and so many people lose their appetite subtly when they see blue. Whereas, an active color like red can inspire action and feasting – this is why most restaurants have some sort of red decor.

Diversify Your Diet

When diversifying foods, focus on the produce section. Having a variety of foods can be an exciting experience and help keep you motivated as well.

How Low-fat Foods Can Actually Make You Fatter

Be wary of “diet” foods and “diet” beverages. The industry has taken advantage of the needs to diet. First of all, read the nutrition label to see what other stuff may be in there. Many diet foods can be high in sodium, for instance. Second, make sure that the confidence rush of eating low-fat items will not lead you to eat more.

Understanding the Nutrition Facts Label

This is a guide to the nutrition fact label produced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It, in combination with an ingredients list, can teach you a lot about the products you are eating. Always keep in mind the serving size!

Give Up on Dieting

Overall, the concept of dieting is an unhealthy thing. Short bursts of cutting down one’s diet, only to give up, eat badly and then try again later, is simply not as healthy as making a slower lifestyle change, gradually moving towards more simple foods and away from large portions.

Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintaining weight can be more difficult than losing weight. Always keep in mind of the fact that this is a lifestyle change. You may have bad days, but it is important to get back on the horse!

How Much Physical Activity Do Adults Need?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention outlines the recommended amounts of physical activity, and definitions of each type of activity.

Off the Couch and Active: When to See A Physician Before Exercising

When beginning an exercise routine, contact a doctor if any of these factors apply before starting, and ask your doctor recommendations for types of routines to start with.

How to Find A Path Off the Dreaded Diet Plateau

If you goals are focused on weight loss only, then you may get disheartened, as many people do, when you reach the inevitable diet plateau. Your body will fit back, your metabolism will change, and weight loss will stall. This is a natural part of the process! Plateaus happen. Know this ahead of time and do not get disheartened when it does.

How Social Support Can Help You Lose Weight

Having ring of supporters among friends and family members leads to more success. There are also support groups that can help manage when motivation runs low.

Choosing a Safe and Successful Weight-loss Program

Many weight loss programs are advertised all over, but not all of them are safe. This resource provides information on how to choose a safe, healthy, and effective weight loss program.

Eating Healthy on a Budget – the 3 P’s

Use the 3 P’s – Plan, Purchase, and Prepare, to help you stay on track. These tips make it easier to plan and make healthy meals in advance.

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