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Don’t believe infomercials promising a buff body with quick-fix “miracles.” There are no miracles, but with the Pritikin Exercise Program you will discover that regular exercise can be simple and practical – and very effective.

Exercise: 5 Common Myths Debunked

There are almost as many misconceptions about exercise as there are runners in the Boston Marathon, and that’s a shame, because misconceptions can derail our plans to get and stay fit. Pritikin’s exercise experts, now in their 35th year of helping thousands worldwide launch lifelong fitness plans, clear up 5 common myths.

Pritikin Super Bowl Fitness Challenge

Super Bowl Fitness Challenge

“Hey, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. I’m gonna have fun… beer, snacks, the works!” Go for it! And here are tips for making the day both fun and healthy for you and your guests. You’ll wake up Monday morning saying, “Wow, I had a blast, and I don’t think I gained a pound!”

Weight Lifting For Your Heart

In 2000, the American Heart Association (AHA) cautiously approved weight training, also known as resistance or strength training, for patients with heart disease. This summer, that approval was transformed into an enthusiastic endorsement, and the AHA’s new guidelines for resistance training, published in its journal Circulation*, mirror those taught at the Pritikin Longevity Center since 1990.

Fit Body, Fit Mind

More and more, studies are showing that exercise does wonderful things not only for physical health but for mental health as well. Here are the latest findings.

Yes, You Really Can Keep Up With the Younger Guys

People in their 60s and 70s may have to work harder than younger adults to perform the same physical activity, whether it’s a game of basketball or a walk around the block, but a fit body may narrow that gap, considerably so, says a newly published study.

Rx for Exercise: Lifetime Fitness

You have to exercise religiously,” says vibrant 100-year-old Julius Spielberg of Bloomfield, Michigan, who, since attending the Pritikin Longevity Center at 77, walks daily and competes in racewalking events locally, nationally, and internationally.

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