How To Exercise Without Pain

Is foot pain, knee pain, back pain, or any other pain obstructing your ability to exercise, lose weight, and take good care of your heart?

In this eye-opening interview with Frank Musumeci, PT, Biomechanical and Musculoskeletal Director at Pritikin, learn how to exercise without pain, or, at the very least, with significantly less. Feel well. Live well. This video points you in the right direction.

In a television interview on “The Arthritis Show,” sports injury and biomechanical expert Frank Musumeci, PT, discusses his fitness programs for guests at Pritikin, an internationally renowned health resort that has been helping people shed weight and launch heart-healthy lifestyles since 1975.

How To Exercise Without Pain

At Pritikin, Mr. Musumeci often sees people who have orthopedic limitations that get in the way of their ability to exercise, and, as a result, their weight-loss and cardiovascular goals.

Because of his 27 years of experience in clinical orthopedic settings, he is keenly aware that “orthopedic issues, like bad knees, often go hand in hand with getting older.”

“But there are many ways to work around these limitations,” he encourages.

In this video, you will learn:
  • How to properly assess the pain you’re feeling
  • Exercise options put less stress on joints
  • How to exercise without pain if you are overweight or obese
  • Running after age 50, and how to protect your knees
  • Why knee pain sometimes disappears while you’re running (but returns when you stop)
  • Cross-training techniques for all ages
  • Which treadmills are good for you (and which ones aren’t)

“Of course, learning how to exercise without pain isn’t just about losing the pain. Most importantly, it’s about re-gaining your life, your ability to do all the things you want to do,” sums up Mr. Musumeci.

“It’s our chief goal here at Pritikin. We don’t just want you to live. We want you to live well.”

Back and Joint Pain Package

If pain compromises your ability to exercise, this Back and Joint Pain Package is for you. Get expert attention. Learn how to exercise without pain.

Often, the best things for your heart and waistline are good feet, good knees, good hips, and a good back. In other words, when you’re in good shape biomechanically, it’s much easier to get into good shape overall. With the Back and Joint Pain Package at Pritikin led by biomechanical expert Frank Musumeci, thousands who thought their exercise days were over are working out, and with a lot less pain, and loving it.

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