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Getting Fit

Don’t believe infomercials promising a buff body with quick-fix “miracles.” There are no miracles, but with the Pritikin Exercise Program you will discover that regular exercise can be simple and practical – and very effective.

Do Fitbits Work?

Do Fits Work? Will They Help You Lose Weight?

Do fitness trackers like Fitbits work? Do they help you lose weight and keep it off? You’d sure think so if you listened to the hype. They “redefine fitness,” exalts the Fitbit website. True? Find out what recently-published research says.

What Is Body Composition?

Body Composition: Fat on the Inside

You could be normal weight but have a body composition that is overfat (think of those pudgy but thin actresses from the 1920s – a Mary Pickford type). Scientists refer to this body type as TOFI (thin on the outside, fat on the inside). It’s unhealthy. So optimally, don’t focus on the bathroom scale. Focus first on achieving a good body composition.

LaBlast with a Star presented by Louis van Amstel

Guests at Pritikin had a blast participating in a LaBlast Master Class. Take a peek, and get on your feet and join in! January 19-22, 2017 During Louis’ first weekend program at Pritikin, he and his team, including Josh Lancaster and Megan Cooperman will lead you through a variety of fitness classes where you’ll dance…

How To Breathe Better

Liza Pitsirilos Teaches Breathe and Yoga at the Pritikin Health Resort

The emphasis on taking deep breaths in yoga and quite frankly through all of life is vital. Our bodies are designed to carry breath to every cell. Without oxygen, the cells die. Breathing properly is what cleanses and feeds our cell tissue.

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for Beginners is taught by Pritikin Fitness Instructor Liza Pitsirilos, M.S., E-RYT.

“Whether it’s migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, joint pain, or high stress levels, I use our Yoga For Beginners classes to help our guests at Pritikin move out of these pain points and into a new and wiser way of living,” says yoga instructor Liza Pitsirilos.

My Top Exercises For Toning

Lizbeth Simancas, BS, Exercise Science | Fitness Manager, Pritikin Longevity Center shares her best tips for toning.

At the Pritikin Center in Miami, Certified Exercise Physiologist Lizbeth Simancas helps guests from all over the world get fit, shed excess weight, and live well. One of her top exercises for toning is the Scissor Bridges because it builds up several muscles, including the glutes (butt muscles), hamstrings, and inner and outer thighs.

Aqua Fitness and Weight Loss

Ivan in Aqua Fitness and Weight Loss Class with Guest

“I prefer the term ‘conditioning’ to ‘getting in shape,'” says Ivan Ferran, who’s been teaching exercise classes like Aqua Fitness and Weight Loss at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami since 1988. “The word ‘conditioning’ better defines what’s most important, and that’s consistency. The more consistent you are, the more success you’ll have at achieving your fitness goals.”

How To Exercise With Bad Knees

How To Exercise With Bad Knees and Joint Pain

Many middle-age and older Americans have resigned themselves to pain. They feel it’s simply a part of getting older. “While it’s true that pain, particularly knee, feet, hip, and back pain, often comes with age, there are many ways to work around, and even relieve, that pain, and get back to exercising,” counsels Frank Musumeci, Biomechanical and Musculoskeletal Director at the renowned Pritikin health and weight-loss resort in Miami.

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