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How One Guest was Reimbursed for Almost His Entire Pritikin Experience

Guest's Medicare Reimbursement for their Pritikin Experience

When Dr. Jerome Haym, a 77-year-old retired physician from Delray Beach, FL, underwent his second angioplasty and stent, he wasn’t feeling like his usual self. “I was having trouble controlling my weight,” he recalls, “and didn’t exercise as much as I should. I felt tired and didn’t have as much energy.” Motivated to make a…

From Metabolic Syndrome to Cycling Around Spain

Get Rid of Metabolic Syndrome in Just Two Weeks

How were you feeling, physically and mentally, before you discovered Pritikin this past March? CH: I didn’t feel good, and my visits with my regular doctor weren’t getting to the bottom of things. I was at the point where I had to start taking a statin to control my cholesterol. For the past six months,…

100 Pounds Down!
Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos of Barry's 100 Pound Weight Loss

What was your life like before you discovered Pritikin? What was the state of your physical and emotional health? BL: I weighed 297 pounds, was short of breath, and my knees hurt with every step and every time I got up or sat down. I travel for a living and love it, but it was…

Scott M. Hyman Ph.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Nova Southeastern University Associate Research Scientist, Yale University School of Medicine Voluntary Assistant Professor, University of Miami-Miller School of Medicine Psychologist, Substance Abuse Treatment Unit, Connecticut Mental Health Center Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Yale University School of Medicine Clinical Internship at The Boston Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center Professor, Albizu…

Nidal Makhoul, MD, FACC

American board of Internal Medicine- Cardiovascular medicine Medical degree from Damascus University faculty of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency, West Virginia University Internal Medicine residency, Mount Carmel Medical Center, Columbus, OH Fellowship in Cardiology at Montreal Heart Institute Internal Medicine and Cardiology Training at the Universities of Lyon and Paris, France. Attending Cardiologist at University of…

Is the Pritikin Program Sustainable?

After having a stent put in his heart, Stan Chlebowski had lost and regained the same 20 pounds back several times. After a friend told him Pritikin had made his father “a new man,” Stan and his wife couldn’t wait to check in to the Pritikin Center. Before Returning Home From Pritikin 152 Days After…

Marianela Areces, MD

“People really don’t know what 120/80 means,” says Dr. Areces. “So that’s how I start my lecture, with the basics. By the end of the lecture, I see the light in their eyes, the realization of: ‘Oh, now I get it!’ For the first time, they’re understanding their disease, how all that pressure that has been pushing against their arteries, with every single heartbeat, over years and years, can affect their heart, kidneys, and even their brains. For the first time, they’re truly motivated to do something about it.”

No More Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea.
And 50 Pounds Lighter.

I lost 50 pounds and no longer have acid reflux.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that get you down when your weight’s up. Like cutting your toenails. “It was horrible,” recalls Lee Zaretsky. “When I was 50 pounds heavier, trimming my toenails was such a chore that I dreaded it.” Today, those extra 50 pounds are gone. And they’ve stayed gone.

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