Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes and Menu

Tired of food comas? And the extra pounds that start accumulating right after Thanksgiving Day?

This year, give yourself and your guests the gift of a healthy (but oh-so delicious) feast. Enjoy these healthy Thanksgiving recipes created by the award-winning chefs at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami. (And enjoy how good you'll be feeling all day long.)

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes and Menu

Lots of tang, punch, and tastiness with these healthy Thanksgiving recipes! Clockwise from top left: Citrus-Marinated Turkey Breast, Sage Dressing, Stuffed and Roasted Holiday Acorn Squash, Wheat Berry Salad, Spinach Mashed Potatoes, and Pumpkin Pie.

Here are classic Thanksgiving dishes, only better! That’s because they have all the tastiness of a traditional Thanksgiving feast but without the loads of lard, butter, and other unhealthy ingredients that work their way right into our arteries and midsection. With these healthy Thanksgiving recipes from the Pritikin health resort, all you’re getting is loads of fantastic flavor.

Citrus-Marinated Turkey Breast

Move over, Top Chefs.  Here’s a roasted turkey breast recipe that sings with brand new flavors!  Fresh pineapple, fresh oranges, fresh rosemary, balsamic vinegar, molasses… oh my!

Sage Dressing

Who needs traditional stuffing packed with artery busters like sausage and butter when you can enjoy all the rich complexity and warmth of healthy Pritikin Sage Dressing?

Wheat Berry Salad

You’ll love the sweet, crunchy nuttiness of this salad. And its dressing has absolutely no oil, added salt, or added sugar. It’s a Thanksgiving feast for both taste buds and health!

Spinach Mashed Potatoes

A serving of traditional mashed potatoes can tally up an artery stiffening 800 mg of sodium. Our Pritikin Spinach Mashed Potatoes have just 25 mg of sodium but lots of deep, savory flavor.

Stuffed and Roasted Holiday Acorn Squash

What an explosion of flavors in this holiday side dish!  Cranberries, raisins, barley, basil, garlic, and more!   But not one bit of added salt or fat.

Pumpkin Pie

You can do it! Leave out the sugar, white flour, and saturated fat. Leave in scrumptious,  pumpkiny pleasures. That’s what this healthy Thanksgiving recipe is all about.

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This year, create your own holiday magic right here at the Pritikin Longevity Center. Escape the fudge and fruit cakes. Bask in our balmy Miami breezes.  Relax. Eat well. Exercise well. Enjoy time with Pritikin friends.  And return home weighing less. (How many people can say that after the holiday season?) It’s holiday magic, Pritikin-style.

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