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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

You’re excited, you’re motivated, you’re seeing results with Pritikin living. Now, how do you stay motivated? Get tips from Pritikin’s psychologists and other lifestyle-change experts for developing a lifelong love affair with healthy living.

Tip #1 For Stress Relief

Stress is widely misunderstood in our culture. A hectic life, for example, doesn’t necessarily translate to a stressful one; unemployed people may be more stressed than busy CEOs. Stress is created by how we react to difficult circumstances.

Meditation Benefits – Just 5 Sessions Curb Stress

The general wisdom was that it took years of meditation practice to achieve a calmer, more positive state of mind, but now research from the University of Oregon has found that just 20 minutes of meditation over five days can produce markedly lower levels of anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue.

How To Stop Binge Eating

How To Stop Binge Eating

We’re humming along with our healthy food habits, and then, BOOM, the binge hits. We’re eating – no, inhaling – everything in sight. What happened? Can we break free of this sabotaging behavior and live better, healthier? Yes, says new research.

Positive Thinking: Your Heart Will Thank You

Positive Thinking and the Healthy Heart

Scientists have long known that stress, anger, hostility, and social isolation can accelerate heart disease. Emerging research is now finding the reverse, namely, that joy and an upbeat attitude may help keep our hearts strong.

Health Benefits of Pets

The Health Benefit of Having Pets

Health Effects of Having a Pet The health effects of having a pet are numerous. Animals can help people on both a physical and a mental level. For example, people with dogs will generally walk them on a regular basis, and this increase in physical activity can result in improved fitness levels that may lead…

So Now What: Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy

Getting motivated can be easy. You have your eye on the goal, and track your success. Bur what do you do when you’ve reached a healthy weight and fitness level, and your blood work’s never looked so good? For a while, feeling good and enjoying the new you is enough. Just like a new business venture or a new relationship can be a "high" so can achieving your life style goals. With time, though, people tend to take their blessings for granted.

Seize on the C’s to Ease Your Way to Change

There are three attitudes that characterize people who cope well with stress. These same qualities will help you move into a Pritikin Life Style with ease. Apply them to your nutrition and exercise resolutions, and watch what happens.

Declare Your Own Independence Day!

The holiday weekend has started. July 4th is a time for friends and family, fireworks, and food. You remember this day as the day our country declared independence from Great Britain, but have you declared our independence from the lifestyle that keeps you bound to less than optimal health?

View It, Don’t Chew It!

Visualization is a powerful tool and can help you lose weight, reduce stress, and enhance immunity.  We think in words and images every day, and our thoughts lead to actions.  If we harness the capacity of our minds for positive change, we are using one of the most powerful tools available to achieve lifestyle goals.

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