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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

You’re excited, you’re motivated, you’re seeing results with Pritikin living. Now, how do you stay motivated? Get tips from Pritikin’s psychologists and other lifestyle-change experts for developing a lifelong love affair with healthy living.

Strong Mind, Happy Mind, Successful Mind in 15 Minutes a Day!

No, this isn’t one of those advertisements in the backs of magazines that makes you laugh at its crazy claims.  More and more research demonstrates that stress causes aging at the cellular level and interferes with health, effective problem solving, memory, mood, and concentration.  If you exercise your mind with a relaxation technique, you’re strengthening your physical, emotional, and mental functioning, and, you’ll feel calmer and more in control. No one is immune from stress. As a “Saturday Night Live” alum observes:

Make your Pritikin Challenges into Winning Choices!

Every Pritikin guest has different challenges to master in order to achieve their weight, fitness, and health goals. What are your challenges? I ask every guest I coach this question during our first session. Whether the answer, is “making good choices in restaurants” or “exercising when I hate it”, the prescription for progress is the same.

Outsmarting Your Inner “Brat”

“Don’t tell me what to do!”  If you smiled in recognition, thinking of your child or grandchild, think again!  This dialogue is “self-talk,” the running commentary that buzzes around our own adult brains most of the day.

Stay Online to Stay In Line

For Pritikin grads, your online membership is a wonderful addition to the tools you learned while a guest at Pritikin. When you leave the Center, you take your knowledge, successes, and enthusiasm with you, which bolsters your progress toward a healthier you at home. Yet, sometimes, you might feel your resolve wavering, and you don’t have the benefit of fellow guests and Pritikin staff applauding your victories, and motivating you when you’re feeling ambivalent. So what do you do? Log in and find out!.

Knowledge is More Blissful

If “ignorance is bliss,” then knowledge is even more blissful because it leads to lasting, positive behaviors rather than the temporary peace of self-deception.

What’s more, recent research suggests that positive behaviors like healthy eating and a physically active lifestyle can enhance not only our physical fitness but our mental fitness as well. 

Support or Saboteur?

When you leave Pritikin, you are one of the fortunate few who know the facts on weight loss and good health. At first, this new knowledge, the progress you made during your stay here, and your enthusiasm will be enough to keep you on track despite temptations. But it’s not only the availability of unhealthy choices that can make the transition home difficult to maintain.

Brain Fitness: Strategies to Improve Your Memory

You’re losing weight, exercising regularly, and definitely feeling better about yourself. Pritikin gave you the tools you needed to achieve these goals. Now you can tackle another challenge that concerns many of us: staying mentally sharp as we get older.

You Eat What You Think, So Catch Those Thoughts!v

Pritikin’s nutritionists are top notch. They’ll teach you the real facts about nutrition, and you won’t get taken in by labels, fad diets, and the opinions of well-meaning but misinformed friends. We give you a lot of information, which each of you processes differently, given your motivation, emotions, and attitudes.

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