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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

You’re excited, you’re motivated, you’re seeing results with Pritikin living. Now, how do you stay motivated? Get tips from Pritikin’s psychologists and other lifestyle-change experts for developing a lifelong love affair with healthy living.

Brain Fitness: Strategies to Improve Your Memory

You’re losing weight, exercising regularly, and definitely feeling better about yourself. Pritikin gave you the tools you needed to achieve these goals. Now you can tackle another challenge that concerns many of us: staying mentally sharp as we get older.

You Eat What You Think, So Catch Those Thoughts!v

Pritikin’s nutritionists are top notch. They’ll teach you the real facts about nutrition, and you won’t get taken in by labels, fad diets, and the opinions of well-meaning but misinformed friends. We give you a lot of information, which each of you processes differently, given your motivation, emotions, and attitudes.

Stalking the Wild and Wily Celery

Often mistaken for a mild, fiber rich, and dumb root, too many people to mention have recently reported that this light green, stringy crudite has gone missing. The purpose of this bulletin is to alert you to this increasingly common happening, and to suggest ways to succeed in this home-based sport.

Take Charge of Your Thoughts and Be A Pritikin Success

Cognitive restructuring, a techniques that’s used in cognitive behavioral therapy, is the fast track to getting control of your emotions, decreasing stress, and making desired changes in your behavior. And since “everything begins in the mind” (imagination), if you start with your thoughts, you’ll be able to take charge of emotions and establish new, healthier behaviors.

Oscar Wilde and Life Style Change

Maybe you identify with Oscar Wilde’s famous quote:  “I can resist anything but temptation”!
This is certainly a common problem, and his witticism captures the feeling many of you may have from time to time.  However, this bon vivant also offers his personal brand of wisdom that can help you stick to your life style resolutions. When asked if he enjoys writing, Mr. Wilde cleverly and insightfully replied, “I like having written”.

Put An End To Compulsive, Mindless Eating

The Rolling Stones were right; about life, when they commented, “you can’t always get what you want”, but when it comes to over-eating, people usually succeed, and indulge in their favorite foods with a vengeance. 

But are you really getting “what you need”?  If you can answer that question, you’re helping yourself put an end to compulsive, mindless eating

Use the Three M’s To Stay On Track

You’re home, you’re excited, you can’t believe how good you feel! Fast forward to 3 months Post-Pritikin. How do you keep the magic working? Use the three “M”s to keep it healthy.

Mindful Eating

This week, I’m going to introduce you to Mindful Eating, a technique that can help you gain control over your eating by increasing your awareness of and pleasure in the foods you consume.

Learn To Analyze Your Successes And Lapses

The holidays are over, and the New Year is here, along with resolutions to reaffirm your commitment to a Pritikin lifestyle. A journal will help you continue and strengthen your healthy behaviors and attitudes.

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