Best Ever Mango Recipes

It’s summer! Savor it with one of the season’s best gifts – juicy, creamy, super-sweet mangoes.

“It’s not summer until you’ve eaten a mango,” laughs Anthony Stewart, Executive Chef at the famed Pritikin Longevity Center. Chef Anthony began his culinary career in the land of gorgeous mangoes – Jamaica. Here are 8 of his best ever mango recipes. “If you like food that explodes with luscious, tropical flavor, you’ll love these mango recipes.”

Best Ever Mango Recipes

Stock up on mouth-watering mangoes! Then dive into these ultra-healthy, best ever mango recipes from the Pritikin health resort in Miami, Florida.

Here’s an even better idea. Plan a summer health vacation at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami. Enjoy mango delights daily, all prepared by Chef Anthony and his award-winning team of chefs.

In a vacation at the Pritikin health resort, you’ll also learn in our chefs’ cooking classes how to become an expert in tasty, healthy cooking, mangoes and all. And you’ll exercise daily under the expert guidance of our board-certified physicians. You’ll also attend nutrition and wellness classes full of life changing, TED talk-style discoveries. They’ll inspire you, like never before, to live well.

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How To Cut a Mango

Are you uncertain how to cut a mango? Or have you tried it before and ended up with a mushy mess? Here are some great tips on video for how to cut a mango from a leading restaurant chef in South Miami, Allen Susser. Chef Allen often collaborates with our Pritikin chefs.

Mango Compote

No added sugar, no added fat, but loads of sweet, frisky flavor!

Tropical Mango Salsa

Here’s a mango-pineapple-papaya salsa that’s sure to make your taste buds sing.

Spinach-Stuffed Salmon with Mango Sauce

Salmon is rich in heart-healthy, omega-3 fatty acids. This salmon recipe is also rich in downright addictive flavor.

Super-Simple Mango Sauce

Just 4 ingredients and voila! You have a sweet-tangy sauce that’s a fantastic topping for all kinds of foods, from hot cereals to nonfat Greek yogurt.

Learn To Cook Healthy Food With Tropical Flair

Discover a whole new world of culinary skills! And best of all, these skills don't depend on butter, oils, salt, and other fattening, unhealthy ingredients. Pritikin Cooking School

Mango Parfait

This refreshing dessert has been delighting guests at the Pritikin health resort for decades.

Citrus Fennel Mango Salad

One of Chef Ernesto Alonso’s favorite recipes from the healthy cooking classes he teaches in the Pritikin Cooking School.

Mango Horseradish Sauce

Pair this “ya-ha!” combination of mango, mustard, and horseradish with seafood or chicken breast. It’s also great as a sandwich spread, or even as a salad dressing.

Mango Lemon Cooler Cocktail

We can easily down 250 calories or more with typical tropical-style drinks. For a fraction of the calories (about 40), enjoy this sensational cooler.

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