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Disease Prevention

The Pritikin Program is all about laying the foundation for a lifetime of good health and disease prevention. You’ll lose weight without feeling hungry, regain your vitality, and feel healthier, stronger. You’ll live better. Now’s your chance.

Can You Use Food As Medicine?

You know that eating healthy is good for you. But, is it possible that you can use food as medicine? Evidence shows eating whole foods promotes health. Better yet, if you pair whole foods with exercise, this healthy lifestyle can prevent, treat or even reverse some health conditions, according to research. [CAUTION: Food is not,…

Medicine Safety: A Toolkit for Families

When you have several members of the family taking various medications, it’s important to know who is taking which medicines to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy. This Toolkit for Families will help.

Drug Side Effects Vs Pritikin Side Effects

Common Side Effects of Medication.

For too long, patients as well as doctors have fallen prey to the medical mystique of a pill for every ill. We need to begin a whole new mind-set and say to ourselves: “I don’t want to take anything more than what I absolutely need. And certainly, I don’t want to take anything that makes me feel bad.”

Are You Still Dealing with Last Year’s Health Issues?

How long have you been struggling with the same health issues?

Struggling with Pain Ouch! Back pain or shoulder impingement (joint pain) really reduces your ability to enjoy life. Pain not only effects your sleep, it can disrupt your mood. That can impact your family and social interactions. When was the last time you lived pain free? It is possible for the body’s many moving muscles,…

What Your Doctor Is Not Telling You

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Doctors are an undeniably helpful resource for your health. However, what your doctor is not telling you could be the difference between you failing or attaining your health goals. Even among high risk patients, only 1 in 5 receive nutrition counseling from their physician, leaving many to find nutrition information from other sources, often unreliable…

Taking Too Many Medications?

Are You Taking Too Many Medications?

Am I taking too many medications? You may not even remember how it got to this point. The pile of daily pills in your hand didn’t used to be so overwhelming. The reason you are taking too many medications is not likely intentional but due to a prescription cascade. A prescription cascade is when a…

Foods That Promote Liver Health

Best Foods to Combat Fatty Liver Disease

Just as high blood pressure can be a hidden risk factor for heart disease, NAFLD is the silent precursor to serious liver complications, including a form of hepatitis called NASH, and inflammation and liver injury that can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Learn about foods and other lifestyle measures that promote liver health.

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