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Healthy Weight Loss

Avoiding the Freshman 15

Whether you’re heading off for college or simply want to head off unwanted weight gain, no matter your age, you’re going to love this webinar with registered dietitian Kimberly Gomer and chef Vincent Della Polla, both very popular teachers at Pritikin. It’s amazing how many easy, healthy, and delicious foods you can stock in a…

30 Years of Weight-Loss Success

30 Years Ago Linda Stempel lost weight at the Pritikin Center.

Thirty years ago, Linda Stempel lost 36 pounds on the Pritikin Program, going from a size 14 to 8. Best of all, she’s been a size 8 ever since. “I look and feel better now, at age 60, than I did at age 30.

9 Tips For Controlling Holiday Binge Eating

Controlling Holiday Binge Eating

How often have we arrived at holiday parties stressed-out, shopped-out, and worn-out? Is it any wonder we say “To hell with my health” and “Let me at that buffet bar”? This year, take the edge off. We’ll show you how. Not only will you better master those buffets, you’ll end up much happier the following morning – and all through the holiday season. Here are nine tips for holiday-stress-busting success.

The Best Foods For Weight Loss (and the Worst)

Here are the best and worst foods for weight loss.

Tired of starving yourself? Feel as if you’re losing your mind while trying to lose weight? Pritikin educator and weight-loss expert Dr. Jay Kenney reports on new research that shows us how to eat well, weigh less, and stay sane.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet?

What is the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet?

Lately, the Internet is abuzz with new claims that apple cider vinegar can help us shed excess weight. Are they true? Pritikin registered dietitian and educator Kimberly Gomer, MS, RD, looks at the science.

#1 Tip For a Better Body and Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Weight Loss

There’s no question that epidemic numbers of Americans are struggling with obesity and health issues like high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and diabetes. What is questionable is how to attack the problem. New science sheds new light.

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