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TV and Weight Gain: What To Do

You know how to eat “Pritikin-Style” so your clothes are getting looser and your mood is getting lighter. Congratulations! You’re one of many guests who have learned that healthy living sheds the pounds and improves well-being. But when you leave Pritikin and return home, be careful of your TV habits. This article is all about learning new habits, shedding weight, AND enjoying some TV time.

Yo-Yo Dieting: Is It a Problem?

Stop the Yo-Yo Dieting Cyle

In the past, some studies have indicated that yo-yo dieting or “weight cycling” (losing weight, regaining it, losing it, and so on) may be harmful to health, but important research on thousands of women affirms just the opposite.  The study found that women who intentionally lost weight did not suffer adverse health as a result, even though they’d been yo-yoing for years.*

Diet Vs Exercise: Which Matters More?

Is diet more important than exercise for weight loss?

My brother Joe can’t resist steering into one of his favorite fast food drive-thrus at least three times a week. This 52-year-old physical therapist does exercise religiously, which he figured would keep the weight off. It hasn’t.

Calorie Density – Key to Losing Weight

Are you dieting and hungry all the time? This article could change your life. It discusses new research on a new no-hunger approach for shedding weight. It’s not about food restriction or counting calories. It’s about adding food to your life.

High-Calorie Drinks and What They Do To Our Derrières

We live in a culture of grande lattes, sports drinks, exotic-sounding bottled juices, and sweetened fruit “teas.” Fancy coffee chains abound, as do refrigerator cases stocked with icy soft drinks; nearly everywhere you turn, you see people walking or driving with one of these beverages in hand. We rate cars by the number of cup holders, which now come heated and cooled. Without question, we’re a nation of high-calorie beverage guzzlers, and though these drinks may taste good, we’re paying a hidden cost.

Losing 100 Pounds

An avid singles tennis player, Brad had been fairly thin most of his life. But about two years ago, all hell broke loose. His beloved sister died. He tore his knee, requiring surgery. He was struggling with marital problems. He was, in short, miserable. He put on 100 pounds.

Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

You’re probably thinking of a recent study that got a lot of press (surprisingly so, since it was a very small study, and it was done on rats). The study found that 8 rats consuming saccharin-sweetened yogurt ate more food overall and put on more weight during a two-week period than 9 rats consuming sugar-sweetened yogurt.

Dairy Foods and Weight Loss? Don’t Believe the Hype

Will dairy foods help you lose weight? You’d sure think so given the recent plethora of ads with milk-mustached celebrities and headlines like “Drink Milk… Lose Weight?” Ads for Yoplait brand yogurt claim: “A clinical study shows it helps you burn more fat and lose weight than just cutting calories alone.” Here are the facts.

Confessions of a Cookie Monster

Are You A Cookie Monster?

First off, keep in mind that slips, those times when you “rebel” against healthy new habits, are a normal part of lifestyle change. More than 99% of people who are shedding pounds and becoming more physically active have slips. When we start anything new, from learning to ski to ordering healthfully in restaurants, we’re going to stumble.

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs: New Science

In an analysis of the dietary habits of nearly 600 healthy people from central Massachusetts, researchers found that those who were overweight did not consume more carbs overall than thinner people.  The overweight subjects, however, did tend to eat more refined (bad) carbohydrates, dense with calories, such as white bread and white rice.  The leaner men and women ate more unrefined (good) carbs, like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, beans, fruits, and vegetables.*

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