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The Best Workout For Burning Fat:
Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic Conditioning is the Best Workout For Burning Fat

From a fat-burning standpoint, “Metabolic Conditioning can’t be beat,” states Jamie Costello, Fitness Director at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami. That’s because Metabolic Conditioning not only optimizes fat burning during the exercise session, it also keeps our metabolisms elevated long after the workout has ended.

Can you be both overweight and healthy?

Is it possible to be both overweight and healthy?

A study that got widespread media coverage in 2013 essentially told America, “It’s okay to be fat.” It was likely comforting for the approximately 70% of Americans who are overweight or obese. But it was false comfort, states Dr. Jonathan Samet and co-authors of a new four-continent meta-analysis that meticulously crunched the numbers on 239 studies and 10.6 million people,

The All-Inclusive Weight Loss Resort

Nighttime at the Pritikin Weight Loss Resort

What to expect at a weight loss resort A defined program focused on diet, exercise, and education One of the key benefits of attending a weight loss resort, such as the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, is the opportunity to be fully immersed in a program which is structured and effective. Outside of a resort…

Healthy Travel Tips for Summer

Healthy Travel Tips for Summer

At the airport, you can often find colorful, large salad bars, and even very-low-calorie salad dressings for your veggies. Other possibilities at many airport terminals are coffee shops like Starbucks that serve nice oatmeal selections, including one with fresh blueberries.

What Is Body Composition?

Body Composition: Fat on the Inside

You could be normal weight but have a body composition that is overfat (think of those pudgy but thin actresses from the 1920s – a Mary Pickford type). Scientists refer to this body type as TOFI (thin on the outside, fat on the inside). It’s unhealthy. So optimally, don’t focus on the bathroom scale. Focus first on achieving a good body composition.

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