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Eating Right

Eating right should not be complicated. You don’t need to count calories, “net carbs,” glycemic loads, or “points” all day long. With the Pritikin Program, you’ll simply eat and enjoy good food. Learn how easy healthy eating can be.

These 7 Superfoods can Actually Make You Feel Happy

Superfoods that Make You Happier

Can Healthy Eating Make You Happy? It’s not unusual in science studies to link healthy eating with feeling well, but does eating good food actually make you happy? It sure feels good to sink your teeth into a gooey slice of pizza, or crunch on some salty chips. A carrot stick just doesn’t have the…

What Can You Eat If You Have Diabetes?

What Can You Eat If You Have Diabetes?

Your fork can improve your health – there’s more power in your utensil than you may realize. In fact, a healthy eating plan, that is rich in plant-based foods, can help you control diabetes, and experts at the Pritikin Center have found it can in some cases, even reverse diabetes complications. How many plant-based foods…

How to Make Vegetables Taste Good

10 Tricks to Make Vegetables Taste Good

But, let’s be honest, many of us don’t like vegetables, particularly if we’re accustomed to potato chips or salted caramel donuts. Once you discover how great vegetables can taste, with these 10 tricks to get you to eat more vegetables, it’ll change the way you eat! Here’s everything you need to know about how to…

How to Get Quick Health Results

Food Combinations that add up to quick health results

From Oprah Winfrey and Stedman to Jenny and Forest Gump, sometimes two great things are even better when together. According to leading nutrition experts and scientists, you can get quick health results if you combine certain foods on your plate, compared to eating just one healthy food on its own. Blueberries might not sound like…

What’s the Fastest Way to Get Healthy?

10 of the Fastest and Most Sustainable Ways to Get Healthy

Experts agree the fastest way to get healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or come in a fancy packaged box. Despite claims made by marketing sites that a diet or product can help you get healthy fast, you already know what works for effective, sustainable results is a healthy lifestyle. Yes, you truly can get…

Healthy Meal Plans for Weight Loss

Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Even with the best of intentions, hunger can drive your healthy meal plan for weight loss off the tracks. Keep yourself steered in the right direction with a healthy meal plan that not only promotes weight loss, but is delicious, satisfying, and filling. Whether you’re a culinary foodie or someone happy with a burger and…

Nutrition Advice to Remedy High Cholesterol

Nutrition Advice to Remedy High Cholesterol

Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease. Here’s what experts suggest is the best nutritional advice to remedy high cholesterol. Yes, you can lower high cholesterol naturally! Research studies have shown you can lower cholesterol by up to 37% with the use of exercise…

What Should You Eat When You are Stressed?

The Best Foods to Eat When You're Stressed

Why do I eat when stressed? The sugar, salt, and fat found in desserts and other comfort foods, act like jet fuel for your brain, inducing positive, energizing sensations. No wonder it can feel so soothing to munch on a bag of crunchy chips when you are stressed. Stress eating and overeating are common problems…

Can You Lose Weight Eating Chocolate?

Weight Loss Tips for Chocolate Lovers

Is it Okay to Eat Chocolate Every Day? Raise your hand if you’re a chocoholic? There is no guilt in indulging in luscious, molten, dark chocolate-filled moments. In fact, scientists suggest you should eat more of it! Chronic consumption of flavonoids found in dark chocolate may lower your risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes….

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