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Eating Right

Eating right should not be complicated. You don’t need to count calories, “net carbs,” glycemic loads, or “points” all day long. With the Pritikin Program, you’ll simply eat and enjoy good food. Learn how easy healthy eating can be.

The Truth About Saturated Fat

Get the Truth About Saturated Fat From Real Health Experts

When it comes to food and its effects on your health, don’t rely on the latest headline-grabbers in the media. Rely instead on the real health experts, like the 12 reviewers of this recent paper in Circulation. They’re actually focused on your health, and your health alone.

“I love eating bad food”

Do You Want to Eat Healthy, But Love Bad Food?

Ads for gooey, cheesy pizzas call out to you. So do candy bars in the checkout line at the market. And let’s don’t even get started on how hard it is to order a salad instead of a burger at lunch. Getting past these intense cravings often requires something that virtually everyone in America has never heard of – taste bud rehab.

Energy Drinks and Health

Are Energy Drinks Healthy?

Recent research from Travis Air Force Base in California indicates there may be very good reason to steer clear of energy drinks. Irrespective of their caffeine, other ingredients in the energy drinks may have deleterious effects on both blood pressure and heart function.

Is Sugar Bad For You?
Is It Public Enemy #1?

Is Sugar Bad For You? Is It Public Enemy #1?

Is sugar bad for you? A diet high in refined sugar certainly is. But interestingly, for roughly the past 15 years in the U.S., rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes have continued to rise while per capita sugar intake has actually been declining.

The Healthiest Hearts On Earth

Many pre-industrial cultures have the healthiest hearts and lowest LDL cholesterol levels.

The Tsimane people in the Amazon rain forest of Bolivia have recently been found to have the lowest reported levels of heart disease of any population examined to date. Their diet is radically different from industrialized society. Nearly three-quarters of their calories come from carbohydrates, but they’re whole, straight-from-the-earth carbohydrates.

Are Avocados Healthy?

Avocados are healthy, but their high calorie count tends to tarnish the otherwise sterling reputation.

Are avocados healthy? Or is the hype too good to be true? Learn about the health benefits of avocados, how to include them in a healthy diet, and when you should never eat them.

Shopping List For Weight Loss

Grocery Shopping List for Weight Loss

The Pritikin Program isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about losing everything else that may be weighing you down, like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes, and heart problems. It’s about becoming your best and happiest self.

Diet Sodas and Diabetes?

Diet Soda, Sucralose and Diabetes

In recent years, the discovery of gut sweet taste receptors in the body have led some to question Splenda’s safety. It appears that Splenda activates these receptors. But would activating them mean anything? Would doing so raise blood sugar?

Best Ice Creams For High Cholesterol

Best Ice Creams for Lowering High Cholesterol

Freezer aisles are full of ice creams that tout themselves as heart-healthy because they’re dairy-free. But manufacturers are often replacing the dairy with things that have more (yes, more!) artery-clogging saturated fat, like coconut milk. A serving of Coconut Bliss Ice Cream, for example, has as much saturated fat as a Quarter Pounder With Cheese.

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