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Eating Right

Eating right should not be complicated. You don’t need to count calories, “net carbs,” glycemic loads, or “points” all day long. With the Pritikin Program, you’ll simply eat and enjoy good food. Learn how easy healthy eating can be.

8 Ways to Break Free from Emotional Eating Triggers

How to Stop Emotional Eating Triggers

Simply put, emotional eating is “when a person eats over any emotion, such as fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, even happiness,” explains Dr. Coral Arvon, PhD, LMFT, LCSW, the Director of Behavioral Health and Wellness at Pritikin. “It’s eating to comfort yourself.” (Though it’s different than binge eating, which is when we feel the need to…

The Healthiest Breakfast You Can Eat

The Healthiest Breakfast You Can Eat Every Morning

Do you want to improve your choice of breakfast foods? Stop looking for a healthier alternative to butter and instead transform your mornings! Here’s how you can wake up to the healthiest breakfast you can eat. Healthy Breakfast A steamy mug of flavoured coffee and buttered toast can be a common morning ritual. Did you…

Healthy Eating Tips for Christmas

Healthy Eating Tips for Christmas

With visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads, it can be hard to eat healthy during Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa! Don’t jingle all the weight – with these tips to healthy eating for Christmas you can avoid holiday weight gain. Yes, simple changes in your behavior works, according to the Winter Weight Watch Study….

8 Ways You Should Indulge Over the Holidays

8 Healthy Holiday Indulgences

Holidays are meant for indulging in all the things that bring you joy in life. From giggles to flowers, there are many healthy ways to indulge over the holidays. (Don’t fret – this list includes healthy ways to indulge that involve food!) Here are 8 ways to making this your best, and healthiest holidays ever….

Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

How to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

If your holidays will pour on stress along with the gravy, you may need some tips on how to avoid Thanksgiving weight gain. It’s easy to gain weight over Thanksgiving. Between the decadent food and the family dynamics, the holidays are the perfect recipe for weight gain. But, the holidays can be joyous! You don’t…

How Healthy is Your Diet?

Is this meal healthy? Many of us would think so.

Most Americans are eating a healthier diet, consuming about 3% fewer highly processed foods and added sugars, according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that compared the eating habits of 44,000 adults from 1999 to 2016. Well done! High-fives all around. But, hold on! Stop and consider, how healthy is…

Heart Health Benefits of Omega 3s

Heart health benefits of Omega 3s. Best natural sources of Omega 3s.

There are many health benefits of omega 3s to love. People who eat more omega 3s have lower rates of heart disease – researchers have known that since the 1970s. Since then, what has been uncovered is life changing. Could it change your life? What are the health benefits of omega 3s? There are many…

How Do I Start Cooking Healthy?

How do I start cooking healthy food?

But, I can’t cook? If you can stir, grate or chop then, you can cook! Heck, you can probably spread, stir and pinch too! Suddenly, you are a better cook than you thought. Cooking delicious dishes can be simple and involves very modest skills. In fact, you can start cooking healthy foods at home faster…

A Primer on the Pritikin Nutrition Program

When Nathan Pritikin, an inventor, introduced his theory that heart disease could be treated with nutrition and exercise in the 1970s, no one could have predicted it would change thousands upon thousands of lives. Now, more than four decades later, the principles behind the acclaimed Pritikin Nutrition Program continue to stand the test of time….

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