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Eating Right

Eating right should not be complicated. You don’t need to count calories, “net carbs,” glycemic loads, or “points” all day long. With the Pritikin Program, you’ll simply eat and enjoy good food. Learn how easy healthy eating can be.

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally – 7 Tips

The higher our blood pressure, the greater our risk of stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, impotence, and dementia. That’s why it’s so critical to lower blood pressure to healthy, normal levels. With lifestyle changes alone (no pills needed), many of us can do it.

Are canned beans healthy?

Canned Beans Can Be As Healthy As Home-Cooked

Unfortunately, canned beans are often full of sodium – about 500 milligrams per half-cup serving. It would be real tough to stay within the American Heart Association and Pritikin Eating Plan’s guidelines of no more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium for the entire day if you were blowing one-third of your quota on one small…

Healthy Halloween Treats

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Healthy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Ice Cream Cake

As this healthy ice cream cake recipe demonstrates, Pritikin eating is not just about getting rid of the bad stuff. It’s about making sure we eat plenty of good, whole, nutrient-rich foods. Healthy Ice Cream Cake Recipe “Enjoy our Banana Ricotta Ice Cream Cake, and know that your heart and waistline will be happy, too,” smiles…

Why Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice

Learn why brown rice is better than white rice for weight loss, diabetes and high blood pressure. Get the facts on brown rice nutrition.

“From a public health point of view, replacing refined grains such as white rice by whole grains, including brown rice, should be recommended to facilitate the prevention of type 2 diabetes,” concluded the authors, from the Harvard School of Public Health

Controlling Blood Sugar With Food Sequencing

Can You Controlling Blood Sugar With Food Sequencing? Start With A Big Salad

The blood results for meal that began with vegetables revealed significant reductions in both blood sugar and insulin levels. In fact, the authors, from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, noted that the results were “comparable to that observed with pharmacological agents.”

Healthiest Foods For Weight Loss

Tired of feeling hungry all the time? Frustrated because the scale isn’t budging? Break free. Get the four most important rules for losing weight, keeping it off, and feeling content all day long.

10 Tips For Dining Out Healthy

Don't be meek when healthy dining is your goal.

Did you know that you can avoid an entire day’s worth of calories, and loads of salt, sugar, white flour, and saturated fat, by saying “no” to just three things? But it’s also important to know what to say “yes” to. In these 10 tips for dining out healthy, Pritikin’s Director of Nutrition Kimberly Gomer, MS, RD, describes how to cut calories and unhealthy ingredients, but not pleasure.

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