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Eating Right

Eating right should not be complicated. You don’t need to count calories, “net carbs,” glycemic loads, or “points” all day long. With the Pritikin Program, you’ll simply eat and enjoy good food. Learn how easy healthy eating can be.

Is Coconut Oil Fattening?

Is Coconut Oil Good For Weight Loss? Is It Fattening?

Is coconut oil fattening? How could it not be? Ounce for ounce, there isn’t anything more calorie dense on earth than oils. Olive oil. Corn oil Coconut oil. They’re all packed with calories. One tablespoon of oil is about 120 calories. Now, 120 calories may not seem like much, but adding 120 calories to our…

How Important Is Diet To Your Health?

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

To avoid cardiometabolic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, there’s likely nothing more important than following a healthy diet, asserts new research in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Dissecting the diets of 702,308 American adults who died from cardiometabolic diseases in 2012, the scientists found that nearly half of those deaths – 45.4% – were linked with 10 dietary factors.

Foods That Promote Kidney Health

Best Foods That Promote Kidney Health

Chronic kidney disease often leads to kidney failure, dialysis, and kidney transplants. Roughly 1 of every 10 Americans has it. Approximately 1 of 3 adults with diabetes and 1 of 5 adults with high blood pressure has it. The good news: Science is learning that certain foods promote kidney health. In fact, a healthy diet like Pritikin may actually halt the progression of kidney disease to kidney failure.

Beans Vs Meat | Calories, Protein, Fiber, and Weight Loss

Beans vs Meat - Which is better for weight loss?

There’s another nice bonus that this beans-vs-meat study shows. Not only are bean burgers better at filling the belly, they do it on fewer calories. A typical fast food meat patty tallies up about 230 calories (That’s for a regular-size patty. Large meat patties average 426 calories). Bean burgers, by contrast, average just 115 calories.

Eating Potatoes and Losing 100 Pounds

Penn Jillette: Eating Potatoes and Losing 100 Pounds

Are you dieting? Have you heard that potatoes are off limits? No way, asserts Penn Jillette, magician, comedian, and author known worldwide for his long-running Las Vegas show “Penn & Teller” with fellow magician Raymond Teller. A couple of years ago, Penn was 330 pounds. But within four months, he’d lost 100 pounds. The star of his successful weight-loss story? Potatoes.

Are some fruits better than others?

Best and Worst Fruits for Health and Weight Loss

Fruits do contain sugar, but it’s naturally-occurring sugar. Put simply, an apple is never going to send your blood sugar soaring the way a candy bar, crammed with added sugars, does. And let’s don’t even get started on comparing an apple with a can of coke.

Reversing Diabetes
| Carbs That Are Good For You

It’s not uncommon for doctors to tell their type 2 diabetic patients, “Watch out for carbs.”  The concern is that carbs may send blood sugar soaring. But new research is showing that a high-carbohydrate diet is actually good for you. What’s critical is the type of carbohydrate.

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